Stronger Security Filters and Tax Refund Processing

      As the IRS steps up its efforts to combat identity theft and tax refund fraud through its many processing
filters, legitimate refund returns sometimes get delayed. While the IRS is working diligently to stop fraudulent
refunds from being issued, it is also focused on releasing legitimate refunds as quickly as possible.

      The IRS, state tax agencies and the private sector tax industry continue to work together to fight fraud
through their unprecedented Security Summit partnership. Additional safeguards will be set in place for the
upcoming 2017 filing season.

      "These increased security screenings are invisible to most taxpayers," Koskinen said. "But we want people
to be aware we are taking additional steps to protect taxpayers from identity theft, and that sometimes means
the real taxpayers face a slight delay in their refunds. As we continue improving our processes and working with
the states and the tax industry, we will stop more fraud while also fine-tuning our tools to reduce the number of
innocent taxpayers who might see a refund delay. "

      The agency encourages taxpayers to check their tax withholding now. Whether they prefer more earned
money during the year or a large refund, checking withholding can ensure people don’t receive an unexpected
tax bill next year. Making these checks in the late summer or early fall can give taxpayers enough time to adjust
their withholdings before the tax year ends in December.